We are both really sorry that so many of your exciting events have been scuppered but remember, everything has been postponed and NOT cancelled...You were going to get married - guess what ?  You still are..Just later on.  Silver wedding party ?  What about  that 26 year anniversary party ? (Silver +). Like cosying up with your pals in a big tent ?  - you know WE do - and we shall all do so again, many, many times.

There will be some spectacular parties coming up, let's look forward to those, now we've all been reminded of what is important in our lives.

The wild garlic is out.  Abundant, free and delicious : stick some under your chicken to enhance the gravy.  Or buzz up a blanched bunch with a tin of chickpeas and lemon for a smart, humousy dip.

Sow some seeds while you wait for those gorgeous St George's mushrooms to appear....throw some nettle tops into your risotto, be kind to your pharmacists and dispensers and everybody you see.  In the distance.

Wishing you all well.

Julia  & Sarah