This week we have....


Said "Thank you!" to the farmer who gave us these Medway critters for the barbeque

Been on holiday!
Heading 5

Practised our hot crust pies - including vegetarian ones


Let's try to rehabilitate the humble vol au vent this year - they've been away too long

Helped Southern Testing Laboratories celebrate 50 years

of geotechnical excellence. (We won medals...)

Transformed a delicious fillet from Grange Farm into the tastiest Beef Wellington

Chargrilled irresistible tuna for this Nicoise

Fed some of our feisty friends; Cool spring soup & salad with salmon mousse.

(phew, it's getting hot in here...)

Ensured there was something tasty to go with the port for our wonderfully successful chums at Tunbridge Wells RFC

Asked Charlotte to take round some Italian canapes.

Twisted Feta and pesto straws

Turned these great ingredients into .....

.......these colourful crostini

Made smoked slamon on potato rosti in the very beautiful village hall in Ashurst

Made industrial quantities of canapes for Sacha's friends.

Created a chrysanthamum of wraps

made a selection of vegan sandwiches

Constructed this beef Wellington for a family Sunday  lunch

Yep. Threaded more chicken kebabs......

Topped blini with Sarah's popular beetroot chutney, smoked salmon and cream cheese.

Made salads for the wonderful WW2 Guinea Pigs' AGM lunch at East Grinstead Town Hall..

"Per ardua ad astra"....

The stars being this season's wild garlic flowers

Rolled Evesham asparagus into sushi

Found the perfect porky sausages for our cassolet.